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development of technology and puffed puffed food

Constantly develop new products, the production of a variety of flavored puffed food,
such as sweet, salty, sour and fruity puffed food, etc., in order to meet the different tastes of consumers. Our puffed snack foods compared with developed countries, the gap is large. Many countries, cereal puffed snack food shapes and tastes are varied, from a single matrix material of corn, to the development of the potato mixture, rice, wheat, rice with plain starch and modified starch.
From the early 1970s, the United States added the above matrix raw material supplements, soy protein and seasonings made from a variety of small food popular in domestic and international market, become a family, parks, theaters dedicated snacks sales greatly. Puffed food industry in our country is an emerging industry research, theory and technology, the quantity and quality of demand there is a great gap between the products. For the healthy development of the industry, we require a number of specialized technical personnel. Should give full play to the existing technology, based on the establishment of training centers and puffing puffed food, so that scientific research, education, production more closely together to promote the development of technology and puffed puffed food

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